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Urban Park Rental

Urban Park is located in the green space just north of the Henry Maier Festival Grounds ("Summerfest"). For a map reference to the location, please click here.

To apply for a special event rental at Urban Park, please read the park rental policies below and download the application at this link. Once completed, please mail application and check to:

Port Milwaukee
Attn: Korey Garceau
2323 S. Lincoln Memorial Dr.
Milwaukee, WI 53207

Should you have any questions, please contact Korey Garceau by phone at (414) 286-8133 or email at [email protected].

Permits for Designated Parcel Use

Permits for Urban Park use does not confer parking rights. Permittee must make its own arrangements.

Maximum individual permitted parcel closure will be three (3) days, unless granted otherwise by the Port Director for special events.

Permit Fees

Basic permit fee is $350 plus $125 per day of closure, up to a maximum of three (3) days.

In addition, for groups in excess of 500, a participant fee of $0.35 per participant will be charged.


The Permittee/Contractor is responsible for the cleanup and any repair of the site caused by Permittee’s event. Cleanup shall be accomplished within 48 hours and shall include the removal of all debris from the event, all equipment and other remains residing as a result of the event. The cleanup and/or repair shall be to the satisfaction of the Port, which will be inspected upon its completion. Permittee shall notify the Port upon commencement and upon completion of the cleanup and repair operations.

In the sole judgment of the Port Director, a cash bond not to exceed $1,500 may be imposed upon the Permittee at the time the Permit is issued. Such bond should be made in the form of a Cashier’s Check to be made out to Port Milwaukee and will be retained by the Port until the cleanup and/or repair(s) after the event is completed. In the event the cleanup and/or repair(s) are not completed within 48 hours after the event, the check shall be cashed and the money retained by the Port to address the cleanup and/or repair(s). In the event the cleanup and/or repair(s) are performed to the satisfaction of the Port within the allotted time, the bond shall be returned to the Permittee.

Hours of Operation

4:00 A.M. to Sunset (year-round)


No Alcohol. (Note: it may be permitted upon special application on permitted parcels)

No Motorized Vehicles (unless emergency or maintenance).

No Commercial Vending, including but not limited to, food, alcohol, trinket sales, etc.

No Permitted Parcels for Commercial Purposes.

Regulation of crowd size (due to limited ingress/egress).

Maintain public promenade, 15 feet minimum, around perimeter.

Permits for Designated Parcel Use

Applications must be completed 30 days in advance.

Port to designate site of permitted parcel.

No permanent structural changes; remove prior to end of permit.

Permittee is responsible for providing/removal of temporary restroom facilities and area clean-up, if required.

Liability insurance to be provided by permittee; also it must name the Port Milwaukee Board of Harbor Commissioners/City of Milwaukee as additional insureds.

Security, if required in the judgment of the Port, to be provided by permittee at permittee's expense.

Permits will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

For permitted parcel, no admission price or user fee can be charged by permittee for entrance to permitted parcel. Donations to permittee/organization are acceptable.

Access can be restricted to permitted parcel.

Closure to the public shall not exceed 25% of the available summer season (May 1 through October 31) each year. Available time is defined as 45 days, including closure during Summerfest.