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Agriculture Cargoes

Port Milwaukee, in partnership with The DeLong Co., Inc., offers a state-of-the art agriculture maritime export facility, providing Midwestern farmers with convenient, direct storage and delivery of their products to global markets. This bulk agricultural transload facility is primarily focused on handling Dried Distilled Grains with Soluables (DDGs), but also has the capability to handle additional agricultural commodities such as corn, soybeans and grain. A dedicated receiving building is accessible with rail (served by Canadian Pacific Kansas City and Union Pacific) and truck gravity dump hoppers. The receiving building is connected to a conveyance system, where commodities are transferred to a fabric building for cleaning and storage. A reclaim system in the fabric building bulk loads the material into deep-draft bulk cargo vessels and barges for transport to markets around the world.

The facility has a storage capacity of 45,000 metric tons (1,700,000 bushels) and a load rate of 6,000 metric tons per day with a rail track capacity of 100 hopper cars.

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