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Private Dock Capabilities

Port Milwaukee partners with several non-tenant private docks that handle waterborne cargoes in and out of Milwaukee Harbor, including but not limited to:

Photo of St. Mary's ChallengerSt Mary’s Cement, in immediate proximity to Port Milwaukee, has a receiving facility for handling of cement through the State of Wisconsin. 

Photo of vessel docked at CofcoCOFCO International operates the grain elevator on the Inner Mooring Basin adjacent to Port Milwaukee. COFCO traditionally exports agribusiness products, including grain, corn, and soy, grown in the State of Wisconsin. COFCO can ship to Gulf ports via Milwaukee's connection to the Mississippi River inland waterway system and via direct connection to ports worldwide via the St. Lawrence Seaway. 

Construction Resources Management, Inc. (CRM) supports Wisconsin's construction industry primarily through shipments of asphalt at their terminal near Port Milwaukee. 

A comprehensive list of Port Milwaukee tenants providing services to area customers and stakeholders is available online.