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Photo of the Algoma Enterprise offloading bulk salt

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Bulk Cargoes

Port Milwaukee offers multiple facilities and over 50 acres dedicated to dry bulk storage handling, including four storage domes totaling 50,000 tons of storage capacity. The majority of Port Milwaukee's ground storage is paved; additional acreage is available upon request. Dry bulk handling services at Port Milwaukee include: storage and stock piling; direct transfer service to trucks, rails, and barges; vessel loading and unloading; packaging; palletizing; and processing.

Milwaukee Bulk Terminals (Kinder Morgan) is the Port's bulk stevedore and handles a wide variety of dry bulk materials, such as: salt (including various grade uses for chemicals, roadways, and water softening), cement, ash, grain (including corn and soy), limestone, slag, fertilizer (including milorganite), fertilizers, and other aggregates.