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Capital Asset Renewal Plan (CARP)

In 2020, Port Milwaukee began the process of establishing a Capital Asset Renewal Plan (CARP) to comprehensively address deficiencies in port facilities and to establish a maintenance and replacement schedule for the Port's multimodal infrastructure. The CARP serves as a tool for Port Milwaukee to strategically plan for significant improvements to port facilities and to develop funding strategies for long-term asset repair and replacement.

This plan was developed to provide a high-level, long-term action plan for asset renewal for a 50-year period, and the CARP considers key factors influencing asset renewal planning at the port including the port’s goals, stakeholder input, and long-term trends in coastal conditions and infrastructure resiliency. The initial plan, developed in the 2020/2021 timeframe, projects asset renewal through the year 2070. As part of a process of continuous improvement and update, the CARP is intended to be updated at a regular intervals to maintain a 50-year planning horizon.

The CARP found that the total renewal need at Port Milwaukee is approximately $204 million, averaging $20 million every 5 years or $4 million annually. 

Development of the CARP was funded, in part, by the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program and completed by Port Milwaukee staff in partnership with the engineering consultancy Ramboll.

To view the CARP, please click on the cover image below.

Cover image of CARP