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Mooring Permits

Port staff are responsible for administration of the mooring permit process in accordance with City of Milwaukee ordinances, specifically section 81-75 thereof, which provides that:

  1. The origination fee for a mooring permit shall be $35 per permit. Taxes are applicable.
  2. Each permit shall be applicable for one boat and one mooring and shall be issued for a one-year period which begins July 1 and ends the following June 30.
  3. Each permit may be renewed annually upon payment of a $20 fee per permit. Taxes are applicable.
  4. A permit may be transferred for use by boat other than one originally listed on the application, by completion of a transfer form and payment of a $25 fee per permit. Taxes are applicable.

To apply, please download the application at this link and return to:

Selena Cole, Finance Specialist
Port Milwaukee
2323 S. Lincoln Memorial Drive
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53207
Please specify the applicable Buoy Number(s) in the memo section of the check payment.

Upon receipt of the application and applicable permit fee, the Port will issue three heavy-duty stickers to the permit-holder. One sticker shall be prominently placed on the mooring equipment, a second sticker shall be prominently placed on the moored vessel, and the third sticker is provided as a courtesy replacement/extra. Medallions have been historically used to verify mooring equipment, and the new sticker system replaces the medallions.

Image of mooring map