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Port Infrastructure Development Program: 2019 Grant Application

Port Milwaukee is an applicant for the Port Infrastructure Development Program (PIDP), a newly announced grant program administered by the U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD), an operating administration of the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT). As proposed, Port Milwaukee's grant application meets all criteria required of eligible projects, specifically increasing the safety, efficiency, and reliability of moving agricultural products and Wisconsin-grown agribusiness for export worldwide from Milwaukee. For comprehensive information about the Port's grant proposal, please review the online Project Narrative and Project Information Form.

As southeastern Wisconsin's premiere deep-draft seaport, Port Milwaukee is an ideal recipient of a PIDP grant. Today, the Port handles approximately 2.4 million tons of cargo each year, contributes over $100 million in regional economic activity annually, and is a designate of the MARAD Marine Highway Program. Port Milwaukee is also a recipient of the prestigious 2019 Overall Award of Communications Excellence from the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA). Receipt of a PIDP grant will help to modernize the Port and improve upon its existing multimodal posture and initiatives.

Information about Port Milwaukee, including the latest news updates, is available online at Please also consider visiting Port Milwaukee's official Facebook page at for more information. 

Project Summary & Design

The DeLong Co., Inc. intends to lease a parcel of property at Port Milwaukee's Jones Island facility. As a PIDP grantee, Port Milwaukee will develop an agricultural commodity transload facility for bulk shipments in Milwaukee's inner harbor. This facility is expected to be the first on the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Seaway (GLSLS) system specifically for the transload and export of Dry Distillers Grain with Solubles (DDGs). Supplemental service is also envisioned for the export of soybeans, corn and grain via deep-draft, Seawaymax vessels. 

Port Milwaukee's transportation infrastructure will be thoroughly modernized as a PIDP grantee. Planned redevelopment includes the environmentally appropriate demolition of out-of-date structures and construction of upgraded moorings, as required. A new, fabric building will be erected, and the transload facility will include rail and truck gravity dump hoppers connected to a conveyance system for transport. A reclaim system will be installed in the fabric building for the bulk loading of material into deep-draft bulk cargo vessels. Vertical storage structures are also anticipated for handling soybeans and grain. 

In addition to the demolition of aging Port structures and the construction of the new facility, the proposed project will include site investigations, permitting, site work, a shiploader, equipment for bulk loading and conveyance, and construction phase enginering.

An overview of Port Milwaukee's project proposal is available for review and download. Proposed design specifications are also available online

Supplemental plans referenced in the proposal include:

Project Benefits for Wisconsin

As proposed, the project will help to catalyze numerous benefits at Port Milwaukee, in the City of Milwaukee, and throughout the State of Wisconsin. In particular, Port Milwaukee seeks to:

  • Better utilize current Port Milwaukee assets
  • Establish the first and only maritime-based DDG transload facility on the Great Lakes for loading of Seawaymax vessels
  • Expand Wisconsin's agribusiness access to the international market, allowing for greater quantities of products and the ability to export to new customers
  • Reduce carbon footprint of truck transportation
  • Improve market access for ethanol by-products produced in Wisconsin and throughout the Upper Midwest
  • Provide for an estimated 50,000 work hours supporting construction of the new facilities
  • Create at least 8 permanent, new jobs at Port Milwaukee
  • Enhance revenue generating potential for corn and soybean producers in Wisconsin and other farmers throughout the Upper Midwest 

Project Costs

A comprehensive project budget has been established as part of the Port's grant application, totaling $31,366,928. Project highlights include:

  • Site Survey: $10,000
  • Permitting: $50,000
  • Materials & Soil Testing: $60,000
  • Port Rail: $5,579,676
  • Electrical Control & Automation: $1,837,200
  • Demolition: $600,000
  • Civil & Site Preparation: $2,000,000
  • Subsurface Pilings & Geo-piers: $2,028,060
  • Concrete Structural Foundation: $2,536,622
  • Structures & Buildings: $3,985,188
  • Process Equipment: $9,718,011
  • Bollards: $308,000
  • Sales Tax: $500,715
  • Engineering: $1,722,765
  • Site General Conditions: $430,691

Letters of Commitment

Port Milwaukee and the DeLong Co, Inc. have exchanged Letters in mutual commitment of the proposed project and the long-term partnership needed to successfully realize receipt of the Port Infrastructure Development Grant. A final lease agreement between the Port and DeLong, which is subject to future review and approval of the Board of Harbor Commissioners and the Milwaukee Common Council, will be formalized upon receipt of the grant. 

Confirmed Commitment for Port Milwaukee's PIDP Grant Application

Compliance with the Buy American Act

Port Milwaukee and the DeLong Co., Inc. confirm their shared commitment to compliance with the Buy American Act in its future receipt and execution of a PIDP grant. The Port will maintain compliance with the Buy American Act throughout its administration of the grant in numerous ways. All contracts for main component procurement will be publicly bid and will include language requiring compliance with the Buy American Act. All materials used to improve Port property and enhance Port infrastructure for the facility will also be compliant with the Buy American Act.

Confirmed Compliance for Port Milwaukee's PIDP Grant Application

Letters of Support

Port Milwaukee continues to seek Letters of Support from its external customers and stakeholders for the project proposal. Letters of Support may be continuously submitted to Port Milwaukee via email at [email protected].

Confirmed Support for Port Milwaukee's PIDP Grant Application